Surf & Adventure

Surf & Adventure

7-Day Surf Camp

During your stay, you will not only get the chance to dive deep into the world of surfing but also get to know the amazing flora and fauna that Costa Rica has.

  • Stay at one of our private or shared beachfront Rancho Coral rooms.
  • The Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica delivers waves every day.
  • Learn to Surf with experienced surfers and members of the National Surf Team.

Surf Spots

Esterillos Oeste is known for being the home for some of Costa Rica’s best surfers such as Carlos “Cali’’ Munoz. In a walking distance, you can find waves for both beginners and advanced surfers making it a perfect place to develop your skills, Oh, did I forget to mention there is no crowd?

El Pico

El Pico (The Peak) is the most high performance wave in Esterillos, it is a left and right hander that often barrels and presents multiple air sections. It is located right in front of the hotel.

The School

This wave is right beside ‘El Pico’, the wave always changes depending on swell size and how much sand there is. When its small it can be the funnest wave you will surf in your life and with a medium swell you will have really fun walls on the lefts.

Out Front

Out front is where most surfers go, the brakes a little further out and has a mix of fat and steep sections which is fun to play in

Baby Reef

Baby Reef has predominant right however there are some fun lefts, This is where most of the long boarders go as it is a more gentle wave. Depending on the swell size there is a channel you can use to paddle out which makes it very convenient.

Jail Brake

Jail Brake is past baby reef, this wave brakes pretty far out but you can over 1 minute rides here.

Casa del Sol

Casa del Sol is south from the hotel, When there is swell it can get really big, when its small there may be some fun sand banks creating some nice walls.

Secret Spot

There is a secret spot around, depending on swell size and your surf level we can check it out.

Surf Level

During all of our Surf Camps we will assign you an instructor based on your surfing skills. Regardless of you have never surfed before or you have already tried it in the past and have some skills.

This package ideal for those who want to surf and also discover Costa Rica. Our professional surfers and local knowledge with one of the most consistent beach breaks in Costa Rica will make your surf dream come true

Surf Camp

  • 5 Personalized Surf Lessons, 2:1 Student/Coach Ratio
  • Hike to Nauyaca Waterfall
  • Rainmaker suspended Bridges
  • Monkey mangrove tour
  • Top notch surfboards
  • Surf Workshop – Theory & Technique
  • Technique Analysis with Surf Photos & Videos
  • Professional surf coaches and local instructors
  • Professional Surf Photos sent to your Email (Additional Cost)
  • Our “Good Morning” pre-surf coffee
  • Daily breakfast with full menu access 
  • Round trip to/from Juan Santamaria Internacional Airport in San Jose to your accomodation and back
  • Transportation to the surf spots from the accomodation
  • Transportation to the activity


  • Picture yourself waking up to the smell of fresh coffee watching the waves on the chocolate sand beach from your patio. 
  • Your true surfing vacation awaits
  • Private or shared bedrooms
  • Spacious Rooms with A/C, Hot water, and full kitchenette
  • Beachfront rooms
  • High speed Wifi



Esterillos Oeste, is a small friendly community less than 2 hours from the San Jose airport on the Central Pacific Coast.


This part of the Central Pacific has one of the most consistent and cleanest breaks for surfers. Waves frequently break head high and are great year round. 


Besides surfing, the beach is friendly towards all sorts of activities, such as horseback riding and volleyball. At low tide, the size of the beach increases dramatically, creating a blemish free vastness of dark sand waiting to be explored by beach combers.

Surf Information

Esterillos Oeste is a South-facing beach, it consists of a long sandy stretch with some lava reefs outside. It is know for having a wide variety of waves making it perfect for any surfer. It is home for some of the country best surfers such as Carlos “Cali” Munoz.

Being south faced it gets hit with swells all year round, with is tropical water all you will need is boardshort or bikini.

“ Esterillos Oeste has so many types of different waves regarding your surf level, this makes it perfect for any beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer to improve his skills” – Carlos Munoz, Professional Surfer

Activities to do

During the camp we will visit the following adventures.

Monkey Mangrove tour

As we meander through the calm shallow waters your guide will educate you on the biodiversity of and the different types of mangroves. You may see birds, lizards, beautiful vegetation, such as heliconias, gingers, ferns, palms, guarumos, observing nests of ants and termites, also find crocodiles, birds,  and LOTS of white-faced monkeys that come to play in the boat and so after reaching the mangroves and see their imprecise roots, growing in an environment of mixed water between salty and sweet ... So you can experience how animal species interact in two ecosystems very different and beautiful full of nature

Nauyaca Waterfall Hike

These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of Costa Rica  for their natural scenic beauty. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place, not only for those in search of tranquility and nature, but also for adventure and excitement lovers. It consist of a 4km medium level hike that will all be worth it once you get there

Rainmaker Suspended bridges

Hand rails and easy to follow footpaths along with observation platforms allow you to observe waterfalls and capture, with photographs, the rich biodiversity this unique site has to offer. It is home to Morpho butterflies, varieties of birds, the colorful poison dart frog, and thousands of unique plant species. It consists of suspension bridges spanning from platforms attached to massive hardwood trees to create the most impressive Canopy Walk in Costa Rica


Starting At $1800 pp

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Surf & Adventure


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Customize Package

If our dates and packages don’t align with your personal needs or you’d rather have a private camp for your group or family, we’d be happy to create a package for you.

Starting At $1800 pp


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